Fix Mac Error

Mac Error Code 36


In the Mac systems occurrence of error is very common and all its users should be aware of all the errors. Mac error 36 is a very common error, almost users of Mac computers must have noticed this error message. Among all other versions of Mac operating system the error 36 mostly comes in Mac OS X snow leopard version. The Mac error code 36 usually comes at the time of copying or dragging the files. Interruption in file copying in Mac system is the main issue that shows this error code. When the file copying process starts partially and before completion if stop in middle then you may get error code 36. In this situation you will be able to copy a particular file but can not be able to copy whole folder in a single time.

This error message can also occur while copying data from Mac system to external hard drive through USB. The analysis said that this error in Mac system is a input/output error that is caused by the corruption of some files. The user may face this error if files are not handled properly and it states that a particular file cannot be read or written. If you want to check that, is your Mac computer is suffering from error code 36 or not then follow some steps. Create new folder in any drive of and Mac system and copy the whole folder to your desktop screen. Again copy the same folder from your desktop screen back to that particular drive. Here if you got error Code 36 in your computer screen then your computer is suffering this issue.

Rectification Process of Mac error 36 in a Manual Way

In order to fix the Mac error 36 manually you have to follow some steps.

  • Firstly go to the terminal windows
  • Select the applications option and then click on utilities.
  • Now type the command dot_clean click in terminal.
  • Drag the folder to the terminal windows which is giving error while copying or moving.
  • Here you will get that the path of the folder is shown in the command so press enter.
  • Now try to copy any file.

Rectification Process of Mac error 36 using Stellar mac data recovery software

There is a third party software named as Stellar mac data recovery software that can help you to fix the Mac error 36. Install this software in your Mac system and use it to fix the Mac error 36. This software is also benefited in data recovery from your Mac systems in a very simple way.

Mac error 50


User of Mac system may face Mac error 50 at the time of of copying file in the system from one place to another place. It will also occurs when transferring files between external hard drive and Mac computers. When the Mac user is trying to share files from remote disk to hard disk then this Mac error code 50 may appear. When the user is copying file such as doc, excel, txt, etc then this error message will appear. This error does not mean the failure of software or hardware but it is showing an incompatibility problem. Therefore to fix this error verify and repair the hard drive. The most common symptoms of this Mac error 50 are Blue screen, unexpectedly quit of applications, system start automatically,very slow system performance, Pop up blocking, unable to open multiple programs together. Let us know about the causes of Mac error 50. Its main causes are Bad sector of memory, Errors in files or driver,Virus attack, Missing or corrupt files, Software incompatibility with system etc.

Manual Way to Fix Mac Error 50

  • Steps to fix Mac error 50 in a manual process
  • Firstly go to the CP command to overwrite the files without warning.
  • Now verify the permission of target directories.
  • Here change the power adapter or battery setting.
  • Now From the file name remover unsupported characters.
  • You should make sure that file size is not too large.
  • Now copy the files from one location to another location

Fix Mac error 50 using Stellar mac data recovery software

The manual process to fix the Mac error code requires more technical knowledge. So if you don’t have proper technical knowledge then use Stellar mac data recovery software to fix this error. With a few simple steps and within a less time you can fix this error with the help of this software.

Mac Error Code 43

error code 43

The Mac error 43 is one of the most common error that occurs in the Mac system. Most of the Mac user have noticed this error. Basically the Mac error 43 comes when Mac user is trying to connect the Window share for sharing the files. There are some other reasons such as several virus infections in operating system, outdated software installation, file corruption or hard disk logical error which are responsible for showing this error in Mac system. Due to occurrence of this error in the system performances become too slow and lot of unwanted pop up messages will disturb to do any computing work. The most common symptoms of Mac error code 43 are data inaccessibility, lock-ups of program, decrease speed of system, hard drive crash, computer hang, problem in booting and shutdown, installation problem etc.

Manual Method to Fix Mac Error 43

  • Steps to fix the Mac error 43 in a manual way
  • Search “Disk Utility” and launch it.
  • Select the “check file system”option
  • Wait for the scanning process gets over
  • Here select the file which you want to mount

If any problem occurs with your Mac file system due error 43 dsSystemFileErr then you should try these steps:

  • Insert Mac Bootable CD/Flash drive in your Mac computer and then restart
  • Select “Install Mac OS X” option
  • Here press the “C” button from your keyboard
  • Accept license & select language
  • Choose the destination drive and click the “Macintosh HD”
  • Click “Options” icon for selecting an installation processes
  • Select “Archive to Install”, Network Settings and “Preserve Users and” for saving personal file folders, user account and networking accounts.
  • Restart the Mac computer and reply to the configuration prompt

Rectification Process of Mac error 43 using Stellar mac data recovery software

You can also take help of Stellar mac data recovery software to fix the Mac error 43. This is the ultimate solution to fix this error in an easy way. The manual process to fix this error requires lot of technical knowledge but if you prefer this software to fix this error then you do it simply. It provides step by step information to fix this Mac error 43.

Mac Error Code 8060


Among all error messages that comes in Mac system the Mac error code 8060 is one of them. Every Mac users must be aware of the error code 8058 and its consequences. Generally the Mac OS users will often observe this error at the time of copying a single file or group of files to their desktops. It is really very annoying error in the Mac systems. After occurrence of this error you will not be able to perform copy paste operations. As soon as you copy and file and paste it to the desktop this error code will come with the error message which states that “The Operation Cannot be Completed because an Unexpected Error Occurred (Error Code – 8058)”. in some cases you may also get this error code if you are copying files from store to the download folder on MacBook computer. Sometimes the Mac error code 8060 will occurs due to the modification in file permission setting. The permission for accessing the files and folders are not set and when the user try to open that file this error comes.

Mac error code 8060: Manual Method to Get Rid of It

In case of Mac file corruption resulting in Mac error code 8060 complications, follow this:

  • Search and launch “Disk Utility”
  • Click on the “check file system”option
  • Wait some time till the scanning process gets completed
  • Now select the file which you want to mount

If any problem comes in the Mac file system due to Mac error code 8060 then you can try these steps

  • Insert the Mac Bootable CD/Flash drive in the system and restart it
  • Now Click on the “Install Mac OS X” option
  • Here press “C” button from the keyboard
  • Accept license agreement & choose the language
  • Select the drive which has problem and click on “Macintosh HD”
  • Click on the “Options” icon and start installation method
  • In order to save personal file folders, user accounts and networking accounts click “Archive to Install” & select “Preserve Users and Network Settings
  • At last restart your Mac system and reply to configuration prompt

Fix Mac Error 8060 Using Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

If you tried every possible methods to fix Mac error code 8060 but the problem has not been solved properly them move further to the Stellar mac data recovery software. Once you use this software, no any error will be present in your Mac computer. It is such a great features software that is capable for handling data loss issues also.

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