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Now a days at the launch of Stellar mac data recovery software it is possible to recover the all lost data from Mac OS based computers. This is like a third party tool that can be easily download and installed in the system. You can make it use this software for getting back the stored data from Mac system which has been lost, deleted or corrupted. For using this software to recover data, you do not have to put much effort. Within a few simple clicks all your data will be recovered in their actual format. It is helpful to recover any kind of data such as photo, video, audio or other multimedia files.

The most interesting thing about this software is that it is compatible with each version of Mac operating system. Many users across the world has been used this software and get benefited. There is no need to be technical expert for using this Stellar mac data recovery software because it comes with easy to use interface. This software is an ultimate solution to get back the all data from Mac computers. It even carry out the task of Trash recovery for mac OS X. This software is quite simple any safe. It is offering step by step user guide that conveniently recover all deleted items from Mac system in a most convenient manner.

Most Prominent Features of Stellar mac data Recovery Software

Recovery of Deleted Volumes

deleted volumeThe Stellar mac data recovery software can perform recovery of deleted volumes from your Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Mac Mini etc. This software is locating and rebuilding corrupted volumes from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, and NTFS formatted drive.

Recover permanently Deleted Files

permanentally deletedThe powerful algorithms of this software can even recover permanently deleted files from the Mac computers. When you press the ‘Shift+Delete’ button then the file will be emptied from your Mac’s Trash. This software has ability to recover data in this situation also.

Mac Photo Recovery

photo recoveryThe Stellar mac data recovery software can recover lost, deleted or formatted photos from any internal or external Mac hard drive, USB drive, memory card, SD card, flash card, digital camera etc.It is supporting images of of any file format such as jpeg, png, gif and others. So if you have this software then no need to worry about losing any pictures from your Mac computers.

Raw Recovery

RAWThis Stellar mac data recovery software is also capable to perform raw recovery. The comprehensive scanning routines searching every bit of deleted data from Mac hard drive volumes and recover it very smoothly. Generally when Mac volumes have been severely corrupted then it is important to do raw recovery.

System Startup Disc

startupThis software works as a data rescuer when your Mac system fails the boot process. This software comes with a bootable system startup DVD that is used in the situation of boot failure. Start your Mac system using this bootable DVD and then use use Stellar mac data recovery software to scan & recover all lost data.

Recover Data from NTFS Partitions on Mac

NTFSThis software is also providing help in data recovery from NTFS partitions in Mac computers. You will get hassle-free experience while recovering files using this software. If your Mac is setup as a standard Boot Camp dual-partitioned disk, you can use recover lost data from Windows partitions on Mac.

Create Image

icreate imageThe “Create Image” is an feature of this Stellar mac data recovery software that allows to create an exact image of the Mac hard drive which can be used in critical situations. At the time of bad sector of your hard drive this feature can be used for creating mountable image of your Mac hard drive and volume.

Enhanced & User-Friendly Interface

user-friendlyThis software comes with a striking interface that is smart and simple to use. Some features like checking or un-checking files, advanced filter options, eye-icon to display information about file and multiple viewing modes for scanning results are making the entire process of recovery very user-friendly.

Encrypted Disk Recovery

encription-icon-blueThis software can be used for encrypted disk recovery also. It can bypass the encrypted file systems and recover all valuable data. For encrypted file systems this software is providing some features like Quick Recovery, Advance Recovery, Deleted Recovery etc.

Resume Recovery

resume-recoeryIf in case the process of data recovery has became interrupted then you can start the recovery process again at the same stage from where it stops. It is called resume recovery feature. This allows to save the image process (.dmg) in the disk and resume it at anytime. The previously saved scan information can be to restored using this option.


The Stellar mac data recovery software has got many awards from most reputed company such as softpedia, tucows, softonic rating, cnet and Brothersoft. These world famous companies has provided certificate to this software for its excellent working.


Lets See What Users Say About Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

I have used this Stellar mac data recovery software. It is really very effective that recovers all my important data from Mac computer. I used this software very easily and in a very less time i get back all my lost data. Thank you so much..            Roggers Charles “California”

From My Macbook pro all data has been deleted i became hopeless to get back the lost photos. One of my friend suggested to use Stellar mac data recovery software. It was really an amazing software that helps me to recovers my all lost data in a quick time.                                             Anne Fedrick “England”  

The Stellar mac data recovery software is absolutely great product that successfully recovered all my important data from my crashed Mac hard drive. It shows me the list of all recovered data and provide ma an option to save in my desired location. Thanks a lot…                                   Martin Cooper “New York”